Prepping Your Backyard for a Deck

A deck will not only make your backyard look beautiful, but it is also a place to unwind with family and friends. There are many design ideas you can think of, but before the process, you need to make sure the ground you are going to work on is ready for the deck. At the same time, ensure, you have the required government authorizations if required before the work commences.

How Useful is a Deck?

Other than relaxing and soaking in the surrounding beauty, a backyard deck can be used as an outdoor kitchen. You can prepare and have your barbeques here or have a fire place to keep you warm as you listen to the sounds at night or inspect the Milky Way. You can also choose to have your family meals on the deck especially when the weather is favorable.

Things to Consider

What is the soil type? How big should the deck be? Do you want it attached or separate from the house? What are the materials you should go for? Choose materials that are durable, can withstand harsh weather conditions and are unaffected by insects. It should also be easy to clean the deck. That said, consider composite or treated wood. Redwood and cider are common choices because they are insect and rot resistant.

A composite deck might be costlier when setting up but requires less maintenance than a wood deck. This means more savings over time.

Even before you start working on the deck, you should figure out the accompanying furniture, accessories, and design. If you are thinking of including a fireplace, the area around the pit should be fire proofed with concrete.

Have you thought of having a pool as well? If you already have one, maybe, you can think of building a deck around it or have the deck lead to the pool. One around the pool also offers protection. It’s also a great beauty to watch as loved ones take a dip below as you relax on the deck.

The gaps between the deck rails should be smaller if you have younger children accessing the backyard. This is more so if the deck leads to or surrounds the swimming pool.

Go for Multi-layered Decks

This is an impressive advancement from the standard one flat surface to several raised and layered floors. It is elegant and quite stylish at the same time giving you a chance to enjoy views from different levels.

What about a Curved Deck?

When using composite materials, you can go the extra mile and create a curved deck. It is unique and stylish. How do you come up with a curved deck? Heat the board until it can be curved as you would wish, then leave to cool after achieving the desired shape.

Play with the Deck Lights

Nowadays, people are going for more permanent lighting solutions for the deck. It allows you to choose the light designs you would wish for. You can also have multiple systems that allow for dimmer or brighter lighting as the occasion demands. You can consult an electrician before installing the lights.

What Colors Should You Go for?

You can go for natural wood colors or play around with bold but elegant colors such as gray and hue. For composite decks, there is a wide variety of colors to choose from but make sure they complement the entire home.

The Décor

Buy patio furniture after considering the weather conditions in your area, the space you have and your budget. Foldable furniture that can be put away when the weather becomes too harsh such as in winter should be a better choice. Also, go for comfortable and elegant pieces that complement the deck colors you choose.

When the weather is warm, a backyard deck is a place to enjoy outdoor activities with family and friends. A deck also raises the home value in case you are thinking of selling it in the future. Make sure it is well maintained. Wood backyard decks need constant cleaning and maintenance activities to ensure the wood is secure and does not rot quickly. You can also shade the deck to protect it and the furniture from weather elements.

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