The Benefits of an Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Your backyard has become your own private oasis, and you are seriously considering installing an outdoor fire pit. There are a few options that you can choose from; however outdoor gas fire pits have many benefits.

Here are the four top benefits of installing an outdoor gas fire pit.


When you choose to have an outdoor gas fire pit, you have the option of choosing propane or natural gas. While they are both great options, the major differences that you will find is that using propane gas can make your gas fire pit portable. Natural gas fire pits, on the other hand, have a gas line attached to it making it harder to move. Propane gas can also heat a little more than natural gas; however, natural gas can be a little cheaper.

Safe to operate

The great thing about outdoor gas fire pits is that you can control the flame. With the flick of a switch, you can make the flame bigger or smaller and create the mood that you want. Being confronted with an uncontrollable flame can be quite scary and dangerous.

Easy to operate

Outdoor gas fire pits are easy to turn on and easy to turn off. You do not need to light any wood; you just have to flick a switch or turn a knob.


Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel—it has fewer impurities and is less chemically complex. It does not have any smell, so your clothes and food will not be left with a strong stench. Most importantly, it does not emit any fine particles that can go into the environment and produce harmful smoke.

Sonoma Backyard has a wide range of beautiful fire pits to suit your personal style and needs. With 40 years’ experience in helping residents create stunning backyards, contact us to speak with our friendly team. We not only love what we do, but we also aim to provide a fun and positive experience for our customers. Let’s talk today and create magic in your backyard!

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