5 Features To Add To Your Backyard This Fall

As the seasons start to change, it’s the perfect time to add some life to your backyard. Turn your backyard into an autumn delight with these 5 additions.

Patio or Deck

Your deck or patio serves as a base for the rest of your yard. You want to make sure you have a gathering place large enough to entertain, but not so large that it overwhelms the rest of your yard.

Depending on your budget and aesthetic preferences you could install a wood deck, or a patio made from concrete, bricks, paving stones, etc.

Fire Pit

A fire pit can turn your backyard into a gathering place. Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening with a loved one, a family night, or a party with friends, a glowing fire pit provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Not a fan of smelling like smoke? Gas pits give you the warmth and ambiance you want without the smoke and sparks.

Hot Tub

Summer nights might be perfect for the pool, but as the weather cools, nothing feels as good as a nice soak in the hot tub. After a long day, a hot tub can give you a chance to slow down and relax.

If you prefer a more intimate environment, a small hot tub is perfect for creating a romantic evening. If you’d rather be surrounded by friends, a large model is perfect for hosting a party.

Patio Furniture

Nobody wants to stand around the yard all day, so invite over your friends, pull out a bottle of wine, and relax on a beautiful set of patio furniture.

If you have a lot of young children around, high-quality plastic furniture can be a perfect, cleanable option. If you prefer something a little more comfortable or elegant, you might select wood, aluminum, or wrought iron.

Outdoor Lighting

As Fall continues, the days get shorter and shorter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the outdoors. Install outdoor lighting to get more use out of your backyard during the later months of the year.

Outdoor lighting offers more than convenience, it also provides an added measure of safety to your backyard. Dark yards create more opportunities for accidents to occur. A well-lit yard also serves as a deterrent to thieves.

For more information on how to improve your backyard, contact Sonoma Backyard today.

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