Home For The Holidays Transition Your Summer Patio to A Cozy Sanctuary

Outdoor living and entertaining don’t have to end when summer is over. Crisp, cool fall weather is a great time to create a cozy, intimate patio space perfect for holiday entertaining. When you’re ready to transition your outdoor entertaining space for cool fall weather, warm and cozy is the name of the game.

Simple changes can make a dramatic difference in changing the ambiance of a patio. Use the following tips as a guide, and let the transformation begin!

Rich, Warm Colors

Light, bright summer colors create a cool and cheerful atmosphere during summer months. When the temperatures begin to drop during fall, rich, warm colors make a space feel cozy and inviting. When choosing new fall textiles, look for these warm colors in deep hues: brown, red, plum, and orange.


Brick, concrete, stone, and even a wood deck are all surfaces that can feel cold. Throwing down a soft rug works wonders in warming up an outdoor space. Choose thick, soft rugs to warm up the patio.

Blankets & Throws

Stock up on soft, plush blankets for your guests to use when there’s a chill in the air. Lap-size throws are ideal to pile into a basket or store in a bench or chest. Thick, fuzzy blankets made of fleece, shearling, or faux fur are perfectly warm and cuddly in the fall. Be sure you have plenty available and accessible for your guests.

Pillows & Cushions

Rod iron and wood furniture need to be cozied-up with pillows and cushions in the fall. Choose those with covers made with fabrics that feel soft and comfortable to the touch rather than cold and rough.

Fire Pit or A Heater

Nothing adds warmth and an intimate atmosphere quite like a fire pit. Having a heat source outdoors will extend the time you can entertain on your cozy patio well into fall, and possibly even into winter. With warm blankets and a heater or fire pit, who would ever want to leave the patio?

Flower Pot Swap

Evergreen trees and shrubbery are beautiful all year round but when the seasons change it’s time to refresh outdoor planters and flower pots. As you select flowers and foliage for your container gardening, choose blooms in hues of yellow, orange, red, and purple. Some lovely options are mums, verbena, ornamental cabbage and kale, calendula, and pansies. Add seasonal decor with pumpkins and gourds.

Coverage Overhead

Umbrellas, curtains, and canopies provide protection from wind and rain that can cause a chill. Don’t let breezes and a little rainfall keep you from entertaining outdoors!

Table Space

Have ample table space available for guests to set warm drinks. Entertain with a buffet-style hot chocolate bar, or even gourmet s’mores! A dining table, coffee table, and end tables are a must any time of year.

Don’t pack up your patio when the chilly weather hits. These quick changes will transform your outdoor living space from a summer oasis into a cozy fall holiday retreat. Contact us today for help in designing the ultimate outdoor entertaining space.

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