Crafting Your Ultimate Poolside Area: A Practical Guide

In the warmth of Sonoma County, a shimmering pool is the heart of the backyard—a place where memories are made, and summer days are savored. Yet, a pool’s allure is not determined by water alone. The ambiance of the poolside area is equally pivotal in creating a sanctuary for relaxation and entertainment. This guide casts […]

Pool Maintenance

Mastering Pool Maintenance in Sonoma County: A Complete Guide

Maintaining a swimming pool in Sonoma County involves a series of careful and consistent practices to ensure the water is inviting, hygienic, and crystal-clear. With its unique climate and environmental conditions, pool care in this region requires a tailored approach. This guide is designed to provide pool owners with actionable tips to master the art […]

Water-Saving Tips

Conserving with Class: Water-Saving Tips for Pools & Spas

For many homeowners in Cotati, CA, a backyard pool or spa symbolizes luxury and relaxation. Yet, in a world where water is a precious resource, it becomes imperative to utilize smart strategies to conserve water when we can. Pool covers present a simple yet effective method of doing just that—retaining water by minimizing evaporation, keeping […]

Custom Pool

Unwind and Relax: Installing a Tranquil Spa Area in Your Custom Pool

The luxury of a custom pool extends beyond its mere aesthetics. It’s not just a place to cool down on hot summer days; it can also be a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. One of the most sought-after additions to a custom pool is a tranquil spa area. Combining the refreshing properties of a pool […]

The Ultimate Guide to A Custom Backyard Pool

A custom backyard pool is the epitome of luxury and relaxation, transforming your outdoor space into a personal oasis. Whether you envision a serene lap pool for fitness or a dazzling resort-style pool for entertaining, this ultimate guide will walk you through everything you need to know to create your dream backyard pool. Assessing Your […]

Host the Perfect Pool Party: Creating a Swim-Up Bar and Outdoor Kitchen

When it comes to hosting a memorable pool party, few things can rival the allure of a swim-up bar and an outdoor kitchen. Combining the joy of swimming and the pleasure of good food and drinks, these additions can transform your backyard into a vibrant oasis of entertainment. We will guide you through the steps […]

Big swimming pool with lounge chairs and water spray features

Add These Swimming Pool Features for a Truly Custom Experience

California is known for having wonderful weather conditions no matter what the season. That’s part of what makes it such an awesome place to have a pool. Of course, if you really want to make the most of your experience as a pool owner, you need to get yourself off to a good start. Part […]

Sonoma Backyard Swim Spas

Why Swim Spa Hot Tubs Make Great Year-Round Investments

For many homeowners, being able to swim in the backyard is a dream come true, whether it be in a pool or an above-ground swim spa. Unfortunately, many don’t believe they can invest in a swimming area due to the climate where they live, finances, and a slew of other reasons. The good news is […]

How to Revamp Your Yard with a Custom Swimming Pool

If you’ve got a smaller back yard, it’s no surprise if the last thing you’d think about doing to spice it up would be to add a custom swimming pool. How would that work with the limited space you already have? Well, the reality is that a customizable swimming pool might just be the thing […]

Pool Design Ideas for Smaller Backyards

Even with a small backyard there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the same luxury and ambiance as someone with 20 acres to work with. The difference is that styling is scaled down from the 600-square foot traditional version to a more manageable 350-square foot version. Yet, these little beauties have just as much, and sometimes […]