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How a Fire Pit Adds Appeal and Value to Your Custom Backyard

A custom backyard holds the potential to be an oasis of comfort and relaxation, an extension of your home’s personality. One addition that can elevate this outdoor space is a fire pit. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a well-designed fire pit can enhance the value of your property while creating a cozy ambiance for memorable gatherings. […]

Backyard Fire Pit

Why a Backyard Fire Pit is a Must-Have for Astronomy Enthusiasts

For astronomy enthusiasts, the night sky holds a captivating allure with its celestial wonders and mysteries. Having a backyard fire pit can enhance this stargazing experience, offering not only warmth and ambiance but also a clear view of the night sky. Astronomy enthusiasts understand the importance of dark skies and minimal light pollution, and a […]

How a Fire Pit Enhances Outdoor Gatherings in Your Custom Backyard

A custom backyard is a personal haven, a place of rest, entertainment, and a stage for creating beautiful memories. A fire pit serves as a centerpiece that enhances this space, elevating outdoor gatherings from the ordinary to the extraordinary. We will explore how a fire pit can transform the ambiance and functionality of your backyard […]

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Why Fall is the Best Time for Gas Outdoor Fire Pits

The air is getting crisp, and the leaves are turning brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow. Pumpkins are popping up on all your neighbor’s porches, along with shared zucchini, apples, and peaches that everyone suddenly has in excess. It just may be the best time of the year! Thankfully, cooler temperatures and less daylight […]

Essentials for Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor entertainment is a staple during the summer and fall months but generally needs some forethought to make it successful. By planning out and designing your perfect patio with all the entertaining essentials from Sonoma Backyard, you are sure to throw the best outdoor parties all year. The Basics of Outdoor Entertainment Before going too […]

The Benefits of an Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Your backyard has become your own private oasis, and you are seriously considering installing an outdoor fire pit. There are a few options that you can choose from; however outdoor gas fire pits have many benefits. Here are the four top benefits of installing an outdoor gas fire pit. Options When you choose to have […]