How to Winterize Your Backyard

Winterizing your yard is the best way to ensure all of your favorite possessions stay intact and in tiptop shape—and will save you from having to purchase all new stuff in the spring! At Sonoma Backyard, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks when it comes to winterizing your backyard properly and keeping lawn furniture, BBQ grills, and other favorites from being ruined during the harsh months of winter. To get ready, take a look at these easy steps to winterizing your yard the right way!

Patio Furniture and BBQs

There’s nothing worse than having to spend money on new lawn furniture when what you had just a few months ago was perfectly fine. Protecting your patio furniture can be as easy as moving it all into a covered space such as your garage or shed. However, if you have large wrought-iron pieces or a big grill, they can be left outdoors as long as you cover them tightly with proper coverings. Just remember to take any cushions or pillows off before you cover them and store in your garage or shed to keep them looking fresh and new.


Prepping your shed for winter will help to keep it stable year-round, and better able to protect everything inside it. Start by making it as clutter-free as possible. Wrap cords around tools, eliminate garbage, and sweep the floor. And finally, make sure it is properly sealed in order to avoid unwanted critters from taking residence inside.

Gardens, Shrubs, and Trees

Make sure to complete a typical fall cleanup and get rid of all small plants or garden remnants that simply won’t be able to withstand winter weather. Make sure to store any pots you have indoors or they will freeze and crack. And when it comes to shrubs and trees, do some research about how to wrap them up properly to give them the best possible chance for survival and looking fantastic come spring.

Pools and Ponds

When it comes to your pool, be sure to store any accessories or tools inside your garage or shed. Winterizing the pool itself will help to keep the water from freezing, which you definitely don’t want! You’ll need to check the water chemistry and chlorine level to make sure they are where they need to be, and then cover your pool to keep out debris.

Ponds can be a bit trickier, especially if you have live fish and plants. Remember to remove the pump and cut down plants so they are below the water’s surface. And if your pond freezes over, don’t forget to cut a hole in the ice so the fish don’t die from toxic gases.

Lawn Mowers, Hoses, and Other Garden Gear

Before you store away your lawn mower, you may want to consider have a quick tune-up so it will be ready when warm weather strikes. You may want to store it covered and with a gasoline stabilizer if there is any fuel left in the tank. Hoses and other garden gear can freeze easily, rendering them totally useless. Try dipping them in a little sand mixed with motor oil to clean them off, and then make sure to store them inside while it’s cold outside.

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