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5 Easy Steps for Hot Tub Care

Hot tub care and maintenance is a crucial responsibility for new and seasoned hot tub owners. Without proper attention, a hot tub can become a steaming pool of chemical build up, bacteria, and body-oil residue, making each soak unhygienic and harmful for all who use it. Keep your hot tub fresh and clean by adhering to our 5 easy steps for hot tub care!

1. Drain and refill

Your hot tub needs to be cleansed of buildup and residue on a consistent basis. Experts recommend draining and refilling your hot tub once every three to four months; However, some salt water systems call for this cleanse far less often than traditional chlorine or bromine systems. Refer to your owner’s manual for the proper frequency of draining and refilling your spa.

2. Clean and replace filters

Cleaning your hot tub filters is a quick and easy task that should be done monthly. Simply remove your filter and spray it down with a garden hose, rotating as needed to remove the debris lodged between the filter pleats. We suggest you replace your hot tub filters every two to three years.

3. Clean the skimmer basket

Cleaning your hot tub skimmer basket is another important component of hot tub care that won’t take much time or effort. For optimal filter flow, clean your skimmer basket every week by removing it and ridding it of leaves and other unwanted buildup.

4. Sanitize your water

To keep your hot tub water fresh, clean, and clear, test it according to package instructions and add the sanitizer(s) of your choice. The type of sanitizer and amount you use will vary depending on your preference and the system you own.

5. Shock your hot tub

Among many other benefits, shock treatments break up and oxidize contaminants, as well as extend the life of your system. We suggest shocking your hot tub on a weekly basis, but this may vary according to use, climate factors, etc.

Do your guests and your tub a favor by regularly adhering to these 5 easy steps for hot tub care! For more information on preserving your hot tub and providing a safe environment for its users, contact one of our experts today!

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