Pool Design Ideas for Smaller Backyards

Even with a small backyard there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the same luxury and ambiance as someone with 20 acres to work with. The difference is that styling is scaled down from the 600-square foot traditional version to a more manageable 350-square foot version. Yet, these little beauties have just as much, and sometimes more, charm and allure than their larger counterparts. Additionally, small pools negate the need to utilize all available space in a small backyard for the feature.

Traditional Design with Decking

Maintaining a beautiful backyard in addition to a pool can be somewhat exhausting. However, by adding decking around a traditionally designed pool, the amount of maintenance required can be minimized. Decking can be made of wood, cement, stone, tile or a combination of any elements. It will not only cut down on yard maintenance but will also add a clean and crisp feeling to any outdoor space. To add greenery just use planters. If they’re put on casters they can be moved around easily.

Enhance Your Natural Surroundings

By having a professional group like Sonoma Backyard custom-design a pool into the shape of a natural water feature then adding elements, greenery and features found in nature, you can have a small pool that turns any small yard into an oasis. Adding boulders and waterfalls then surrounding the whole thing in flowering rush, yellow flag, bog bean, reed mace, burr reed and other such plants, it will look like it has been there forever. The best part is that it’s still a pool and can easily be enjoyed by the whole family.

Take Inspiration from Other Countries

The world is filled with inspiration that can turn a backyard of any size into an architectural feature. For instance, many homes in Italy have small circular pools where the family gathers regularly. They are generally located in the courtyard or entryway of homes and look like personal spas. It’s a great design when a water feature is added and can enhance the personal enjoyment of the space. As with the styles found in Italy, mosaic tiles can also add an artistic element that is rarely seen in the smaller backyard pools in the U.S.

Shape is Relative

There’s no need to stick to traditional designs when it comes to smaller pools. In fact, creativity in the shape of your new pool can enhance the look of the backyard space. Free form can be intriguing as well as uninhibited and it’s the perfect time to add a built-in spa along with the pool to enhance the experience. You can also reflect the shape of the home. An L-shaped house can be enhanced with an L-shaped pool whereas a house with a wrap-around yard can have a like-shaped pool. With free form, the sky’s the limit.

On-Trend Pool Design

Right on-trend this year is the lap pool. It’s ideal for those that are into healthy living yet have a limited amount of space in their backyards. Its narrow design elongates the space making the backyard seem bigger than it is. It can also be set against a fence line to allow more space for landscaping. Although they are traditionally made in a rectangular shape, by including custom design cutouts bench seating could be incorporated into the overall design giving a place just to rest and relax after a busy workout.

For those that always wanted a pool but thought they couldn’t have one with a small backyard, with a little planning and some vision anything is possible. If a heating system is added it can even be used year-round. Additionally, a pool is not only a luxurious and attractive feature you’ll be proud to display but can also raise your home’s property value.

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