Easy Spring Cleaning To-Do List

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to enjoy the blossoming trees, soak up the sun, and end the hibernation mode you’ve been in all winter. There’s just something about the warming weather that renews and re-energizes. So it makes sense that If you’re like most people, spring is also the time to start trimming the hedges, cleaning out the shed, and purging the junk you’ve accumulated over the past year.

If you’re wondering where to get started with your outdoor spring cleaning projects, the task can feel overwhelming. Take it one step at a time and refer to our easy spring cleaning to-do list to get started.

Clean the Exterior of the House

This project alone could take a few days to tackle, so we’ll break it down into digestible tasks. To give your home a fresh spring gleam, start by:

  • Cleaning the cobwebs out of the rafters and corners of the house
  • Washing the garage door with dish rags and soapy water
  • Cleaning windows outside the house, along with their door tracks
  • Sweeping down the deck or patio with a pressure washer
  • Removing debris from storm drains
  • Cleaning outside light fixtures
  • Cleaning the siding on the house

Pound Out the Rugs

There’s nothing to make things feel fresh like a good cleaning of your outdoor rugs. Round up the doormats and other rugs and either throw them in the wash or pound them out on a line with a broom.

Clean the BBQ

Though your grill may not have gotten much use over the winter season, it’s probably going to be in action soon. Give your grill a refresher by scraping down the grates and filling propane tanks as needed.

Spray Out the Garbage Cans

Now here’s a task you’ve been dreading all winter. The smelly garbage can will not be such a nuisance once you give it a good wash with a pressure washer. Fill it with a small amount of PineSol or dish soap to get the cans looking like brand new.

Give the Garden Some Love

It is the season for new life, after all. If you have a garden, start prepping the soil and getting things in order for planting season. The planting months depend on where you live, but anyone can get a head start by cleaning up weeds, mending fences, etc.

Another great way to spring clean is by updating your outdoor furniture or adding custom backyard products to your yard. If you’re looking for a brand new spa, pool, or patio furniture to freshen your space, contact Sonoma Backyard to get started today. And happy cleaning!

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