7 Ways to Landscape on a Budget

Landscaping doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many cost-saving measures you can implement to make sure your landscaping project is a financially responsible endeavor. And landscaping on a budget does not have to be shabby. It is possible to have both financial responsibility and a great looking yard. Here are 7 things you can do to have both:

1. Reduce Lawn Size

Lawns are a beautiful, functional part of any yard. They are also money pits. They require a lot of water to maintain, and they also rack up expenses with fertilizers and weed-killers. Consider shrinking the size of your lawn and replacing it with some other landscaping features.

2. Get Free Fertilizer

A compost bin is both great for the environment and great for your wallet. Compost bins are typically quite cheap, and you fill them with organic material that would have gone to waste otherwise. You don’t need to know much in order to start composting. To start with, buy a bin. Then place raked leaves, leftovers from pruning, cut grass, and kitchen scraps into it. Some municipalities even offer free compost so you might want to look into that as an option as well.

3. Time Your Purchases

Many plants are cheaper later in the season. Wood is typically less expensive if purchased in the winter. If you have a long-term landscaping plan, try to implement it at times when the plants and materials you purchase will be most affordable.

4. Comparison Shop

Most people are in the habit of comparison shopping online for electronics, furniture, and more. But for some reason, landscaping items are often not considered this way. There are many reputable online retailers who offer great prices.

5. Share

A big expense in landscaping can be the machinery you use to manage your yard. Lawnmowers, wood chippers, and tillers can be expensive. And yet most of this machinery sits unused in your garage 90% of the time. Be efficient and save some money by teaming up with some neighbors on these larger purchases.

6. Get Shade

In the warm summer months, air conditioning can be a huge expense for many homes. You can justify some of your landscaping costs by making up the difference in air conditioning. How? Trees and bushes can improve air conditioner efficiency by up to 10% by providing shade!

7. Get It Right the First Time

One thing to avoid when landscaping on a budget is purchasing cheap plants that will have to be replaced shortly. Take the time to do your research. Buying a slightly more expensive plant that suits your yard is preferable to buying a cheap plant that will need to be replaced!

If you are ready to landscape on a budget, contact us today!

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