Prepping for Summer: Patio Design Ideas

Warm summer days are upon us, and there’s no time like the present to get ready for it. Summertime is a blissful season full of barbeques, pool parties, and staying out late into the night to marvel at the stars. But none of these activities are quite as enjoyable without nice patio furniture to complement the experience.

The right design will enhance your time spent with friends and family all season long. Learn from the pros at Sonoma Backyard for some ideas on how to design, update, or redesign your backyard furniture.

1. Set the mood

There’s no easier way to set the mood than with lighting. The right lighting will keep guests lingering in your yard long into the night and will create a magical glow to enhance any activity. Consider installing classic patio string lights, spotlights for your trees, and faux candles to line the sidewalks.

2. Kick back and relax

The best patio designs allow you and your family to truly relax in an outdoor setting, meaning you have adequate, comfortable seating for everyone. Aim to add more seating than you think you’ll need so that everyone always has a place to sit. Look for patio sets that are made of durable materials that can be easily cleaned.

3. Add appropriate shading

You’re sure to have some real scorchers in the summer, so make sure your backyard is still a comfortable place to be even in the warmest weather. Consider where the sun shines at the hottest part of the day, and add patio umbrellas for shade to relieve you and your guests during summer picnics and pool parties.

4. Take inspiration from abroad

Some of the most beautiful yard spaces are inspired by other cultures. Take note of the beautiful design work in Morocco, Spain, or France to add a multicultural flair to your patio.

5. Make it fun

The more exciting you make your patio space, the more you’ll want to be there. Even if you’re short on budget, consider adding small touches to make the patio as enjoyable as your house. A warm fireplace, helpful sink, outdoor theater, or private pergola all help take your patio design to the next level.

Sonoma Backyard offers all you need to create your dream patio. Contact us for cheerful Adirondack chairs, bright patio umbrellas, all-weather seating, and more!

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