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How to Prep Your Hot Tub for Winter

Before you get your hot tub ready for winter, you first have to decide whether you want to use it during the winter. After all, many people find slipping into a piping hot tub of water on a cold winter’s day a magical experience. If you do decide to shut it down for the winter, follow these tips.

Shut Down the Power

The first thing you have to do is to shut down all the power to the hot tub. This includes both the power for the heater as well as the jets. You should turn the circuit breaker switch as well as unplug the power cords if possible.

Empty the Water

After you have shut down the power, you next need to drain the tub. When you do this, make sure to blow out the jets. A Shop-Vac works well for this task.

Clean the Filters and Loosen the Fittings

You want to do a final cleaning of your filters as part of your winterization procedure. You also want to loosen the fittings so that any water trapped inside them can drain.

Cover the Tub

The final step in prepping your hot tub for winter is to cover it securely. If your hot tub is outside, this is one of the most crucial steps. On outdoor hot tubs, you need to use a thick protective cover that is specifically designed to stand up to the winter weather. Make sure to use straps to hold the cover securely in place when the wicked winter winds blow.

Following these steps will get your hot tub ready for winter. It is crucial that you do this right so that your hot tub does not get damaged by the cold weather. At Sonoma Backyard, we’re here to answer your questions. Please feel free to contact us if you need more information.

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