New swim spa: First year maintenance guide

With your new swim spa, you’re probably excited about the relaxation and fun that awaits you right in your backyard. As a new spa owner, it’s important to understand how to keep your swim spa in perfect condition for a longer life. Follow these three tips to keep your spa perfectly maintained in your first year.

1. Monitor your water and filter.

Check the water at least once a week to make sure the correct levels of sanitizer, pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness are present. Because of differences in local tap water, some of these factors can change more quickly than others, so keep a log of the results each week when you test. Leaving the water to its own devices can result in bacteria build up that leads to skin infections, so be sure to keep the water in check. Once a month, be sure to open and clean the water filter as well.

2. Let the cover air out.

Once a week, you should remove the spa cover completely and let it lie flat in the open air and sun. This allows it to fully dry, eliminating the growth of harmful bacteria and odors. You can then use spa cover cleaner and conditioner to keep the material in great condition.

3. Drain and clean the whole spa.

While it can feel like a waste of water, it’s necessary to drain and thoroughly clean your spa to prevent bacteria growth. To determine how often to clean your spa, use this formula:
(# gallons in spa) / (# users) / 3 = # days between cleaning. If you need help determining when to clean your spa, or need help from a professional, don’t be afraid to reach out to your local spa dealer for assistance. If you want to clean your spa on your own, be sure to only use specified cleaners, as regular soap can damage the spa.

There you have it! Follow these three simple steps to keep your spa clean and comfortable for a long life of use. Enjoy the heat and jets knowing that your spa is clean and balanced. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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