What Types of Fire Pits Are Best For You?

There is nothing better than enjoying a beautiful night relaxing around the fire pit in the backyard with family and friends. A fire pit can add a touch of character and fun to any yard. But finding the right type of fire pit for your yard can be difficult if you don’t know what your options are.

When it comes to fire pits, there are many things to consider. Learn about the different types of fire pits and find the right option for your backyard enjoyment.


A fire pit doesn’t have to be a pile of logs on the dirt—they can be stylish and eye-catching pieces of decor for your yard. Styles range from metal bowls, tabletop fire pits, fire rings, and so many more.

Fuel Source

The type of fuel source you prefer can also determine what type of fire pit you choose. You could go for a wood-burning fire pit that will give you the crackling sounds and woodsy smell of a normal fire. Or you can choose gas and skip the smell and ashes of a typical fire, which is definitely what we recommend.

Permanent or Portable

Another option to consider is whether or not your fire pit is a permanent piece or can be moved to other convenient spots. A custom built-in fire pit can be more elaborate and matched exactly to your preferences. A portable model may be smaller, but can be moved to follow the party to any part of the yard.

Sonoma Backyard knows what it takes to create the perfect backyard ambiance with the use of a fire pit. Contact us today to discover the perfect types of fire pits for your next backyard get-together!

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