5 Fall Pool Maintenance Tips

As the weather turns colder and the beautiful leaves start falling, it’s time to prepare your swimming pool for the changes. Here are some tips to help you achieve the best possible fall pool maintenance.

Fall Pool Maintenance Tips

1. Remove Leaves

Use your skimmer to remove any leaves or other debris that have fallen into your pool.

You will need to do this any time leaves land in your pool or they may sink to the bottom and stain your pool tile, as well as encourage algae growth.

2. Check the Pool Cover and Keep it Clean

Check to make sure leaves and branches aren’t falling onto the pool cover or sticking to the inside. Inspect the pool cover any time a branch or other sharp object lands on it to ensure there are no holes or tears in need of repair.

3. Clean Up Yard Surrounding Pool

Make sure there are no toys or pool items that might fall or blow into the pool. If you have bushes or trees near your pool, it would also be a good idea to trim them. This will help prevent more leaves and branches from falling into your pool or onto your pool cover.

4. Clean Filters and Check Chemicals

It is important to have a clean pool filter and pump before fall begins. Be sure to follow all the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning to ensure optimum performance and durability. Also, check your pool’s heater to be sure it is ready for colder temperatures.

Then check the levels of chemicals being used in your pool. During the summer when the pool is being used more often, the water requires more chemicals. The amount used can be reduced accordingly in the fall.

Make sure to throw out any remaining chemical products before closing the pool for winter. It is not a good idea to use old chemicals the following year. Visit our website for more information about fall pool maintenance and our pool and spa care products from Sonoma Backyard.

5. Close Pool and Winterize

At the end of the season, your fall pool maintenance should include a plan for winterizing your pool. Make sure to drain water from all pumps, filters, pipes, etc. Any excess water left can damage plumbing and pool equipment when the water freezes and expands. Drain the water to approximately six inches below the skimmer. Cover the pool to keep out foreign objects and make sure it is safe for pets and family members.

When in doubt, call a professional to help with winterizing your pool to ensure it is done correctly. Find out more about our pools and spas by visiting Sonoma Backyard, or contact us today!

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