What Should I Do to Protect My Patio Furniture from Rainy Weather?

As the temperature cools down, fall settles in, and winter approaches, the weather changes from relatively warm and dry to colder and wetter. That’s great for the plants you have in your backyard, but it’s not so great for your patio furniture. You spent good money on putting your patio furniture setup together, so it only makes sense to take good care of it. So what should you do to protect it from rainy weather?

Bring It In

The easiest (or at least the simplest) way to protect your patio furniture from rainy weather is to bring it inside. There can’t be a problem with furniture being exposed to rainy weather if it isn’t exposed to rain to begin with. That’s not always the most practical solution though, depending on the type and size of your patio furniture. Especially heavy, large, or bulky pieces can be tough to move. In that case, at least bring the cushions in when you aren’t using them.

Use Waterproof Covers

If bringing the furniture inside doesn’t work, use waterproof covers for your outdoor furniture pieces instead. Waterproof covers for outdoor furniture are typically made from vinyl, canvas, or polyester and come in different colors and designs. Make sure the ones you choose fit your furniture well. You don’t have to pull them out every time there is a drizzle, but it’s wise to use them if you’re expecting more than that, especially over a few days.

Weatherproof as Needed

Some types of patio furniture benefit from weatherproofing. This is especially pertinent for wood or metal furniture. Depending on the weatherproofing sealant you use for wood furniture, you can simultaneously protect it from water, UV rays, and humidity. If you have metal furniture that is prone to rust, weatherproofing it can prevent rust from taking hold. In the event your metal furniture has developed rust spots, sand them off and use a fish-oil-based primer to avoid corrosion and to make it ready for paint (if you want to paint it).

Some types of patio furniture stand up to rain well enough without much work on your part. That’s all well and good if you have that type of furniture, but some prefer types that require a bit more protection. Check with the manufacturer if you have questions or concerns about how to best care for your patio furniture during rainy weather that you can’t find answers to.

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