Best Patio Furniture for Rainy Weather

One of the things that California is best known for is having beautiful weather all year long. In Sonoma, you can expect lows to average around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which is practically balmy compared to the freezing winters that are common in other areas. That makes snow a rare occurrence, though rain is common enough. If you’re looking for patio furniture, that’s an important thing to keep in mind. So what patio furniture is best for rainy weather?

Ipe Wood

Ipe wood is known for two things in particular: being very durable and being water resistant. Both of those properties are ideal for patio furniture that needs to hold up against rainy weather. Ipe’s water resistance comes from the high quantity of natural oils. In addition to making it water resistant, the high natural oil levels also protect it from insects, rot, and decay. Its strength resists cracking and warping.

Recycled Plastic

Recycled plastic patio furniture is an excellent choice for the eco-minded patio furniture connoisseur. Made from recycled plastic items, it tends to be quite durable and strong. It’s also resistant to mold, mildew, and saltwater. Recycled plastic patio furniture can be pretty lightweight, which is great if you want to move it around. It’s not so great if you experience high winds, as the wind may pick the pieces up. Find a way to shelter the furniture from the wind. You don’t have to worry about sheltering the plastic from the rain though.


If you want lightweight metal patio furniture, look for pieces made from aluminum. Aluminum is an ideal material to make patio furniture from. It’s ubiquitous as a material and is quite easy to work into different configurations and shapes. Aluminum patio furniture tends to be relatively affordable and doesn’t rust. 

It can, however, corrode, which is why it’s often treated with a weather-resistant sealant or coating of some sort. This protective layer acts as a shield against rain and salt. That makes it a good option for rainy-weather patio furniture, though it may be wise to invest in furniture covers to provide an extra layer of protection. Keep in mind that its lightweight nature does mean it’s easy for a strong wind to pick up and move or knock it over. Rain falling on aluminum will also be quite noisy, which can be a turnoff for some.

No one wants to buy patio furniture repeatedly because it can’t hold up against the local climate. Winters in Sonoma tend to be on the rainy side. If you don’t intend to bring your patio furniture in when the weather is wet, choose your furniture from those made of materials that hold up well against rain.

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