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Top 5 summer backyard deck design trends for 2020

More and more homeowners are investing in outdoor living spaces, turning their backyards into an outdoor living space to unwind and have fun. At Sonoma Backyard, we help you set up your space to make it your own. With our expertise, we can help you get what you need and set up for the most awesome Summer you have ever had in your backyard. To help you get some inspiration for your next project, we’ve gathered some of the most popular deck trends in 2020:

Accent Lighting

Adding backyard lighting to your backyard can be beautiful as well as functional. Choose an energy-efficient or solar-powered lighting are very low maintenance and can definitely brighten up your backyard without breaking your bank.

Photo by Nick Leith-Smith

Multi-Level Decks

A multi-level deck can create a more spacious look. If you have a small yard to work with, a simple wood deck can give your backyard a complete transformation.

Two-Toned Designs

Create a unique deck design by matching lighter-colored deck railings with darker decking boards. You can never go wrong matching complementary colors for your deck, but going with a contrasting color to give your deck a newer look without having to remodel your whole backyard.

Photo by DIY Network

Fully Functional Kitchens

Nowadays, homeowners are taking grilling to a whole new level as they are wanting to spend more time outdoors with friends and family. People are looking for a fully functional kitchen including a grill or cooktop surface, cabinets, and storage, countertop, refrigerator, and sink.

Photo by DIY Network


Homeowners are beginning to look for a backyard that is cohesive with their contemporary home design. Deck design is all about clean lines, absence of ornamentation, and mixing of materials including glass, metal, wood, and composites.


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