summer pool party

Be the Most Popular Home on the Block with Epic Summer Pool Parties

Owning a pool has many obvious benefits. You can cool off on a hot summer day without having to hunt down a public pool. You get to enjoy the beauty of your pool every time you walk into the backyard. You can even stay cool and fit by swimming for exercise.

However, the perks of owning a pool don’t just stop there. You’ll also earn major points around the neighborhood and among friends when your home becomes the place to hang out all summer long.

So what’s the best way to celebrate your newfound status as the most popular home on the block? By throwing an epic summer pool party, of course! Here are a few pro tips to make your party a success:

1. Bring on the Snacks

Every party is made better with some tasty grub to go along with it, and a pool party is no exception. Make your guests feel at home by providing iced drinks, portable snacks (think fruit trays and charcuterie boards), or even a full-fledged barbeque.

2. Provide Extra Amenities

No matter how prepared your guests are, inevitably someone will have forgotten their sunscreen, goggles, or towel. Build a reputation as a stellar host by keeping all of these items on-hand for those who might need them in the moment

3. Set the Tone

Set your pool party apart from the rest by creating a fun atmosphere right from the start. Pump up the summer jams, plan some fun pool games, and pull out the craziest pool floaties you can find. Now it’s time to let loose!

4. Play it Safe

Pool safety is always a key part of a successful summer pool party. Lay the ground rules by reminding guests not to run or dive in the shallow end. Designate responsible people to take turns watching the pool throughout the party, or you could even consider hiring a local lifeguard.

Find Your Dream Pool Today

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