Top 3 Benefits of Choosing a Gunite Pool

Did you know that there are different types of in-ground pools? Some are made from fiberglass, while others are made from vinyl. Gunite is another option. Gunite pools are made by creating a shell from concrete that is reinforced with steel. Gunite is a combination of sand, concrete, and water. It’s then coated with a plaster that gives the pool its waterproof properties. This sort of pool offers its owners some important advantages.

Better Longevity

Gunite pools tend to be quite durable. They are capable of withstanding a fair amount of pressure and stress while resisting damage due to settling. This is important because regardless of how well-compacted the soil around your pool is, it’s still going to shift over time. In addition to being durable, gunite pools have a measure of flexibility that allows them to settle slightly without cracking. All of this adds up to gunite pools lasting 100 years or more when properly built.

Superior Versatility

Whether you have a small yard or a big yard, one that’s square shaped or a little less conventional, you can design a gunite pool to fit comfortably in your yard. This is because gunite pools can be made in virtually any size or shape. Why redo your landscaping to fit your pool when you can design a custom gunite pool to fit your landscaping?

Greater Customizability

Not only can you create a gunite pool that is just about any size or shape, but you can also customize it with various features more easily than you could with some other types of pools. Want a built-in underwater bench, a tanning ledge, or a waterfall built into your pool? Maybe you’d like to add built-in barstools for a poolside bar. Not a problem with gunite pools. Choose your preferred color and finish for your pool to make sure it suits your backyard perfectly.

It’s always important to understand the pros and cons of the different types of pools before you settle on your final decision. In the case of gunite pools, it can take longer than other types of pools for the construction to be completed. They can also be more expensive. When you consider the advantages, however, you may find that the downsides are more than worth dealing with.

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