Fun Ways to Light Up Your Pool for Your Summer Pool Parties

Pool parties are one of the summer’s delights. With warm weather extending through the day and into the night, it’s the perfect season to enjoy an evening pool party that goes until after the sun disappears from the sky. Of course, once the sun is down, you’ll need other ways to light your pool.

Landscape Lighting

Light up the landscaping around your pool to create a whimsical, magical atmosphere. String lights can be wound around the trunks of trees or around bushes to create a twinkling, sparkling effect that is sure to delight. If you’re feeling really ambitious, try weaving them around overhead branches for some enchanting overhead lighting. Spotlights for your plants and landscaping can be a great illumination option as well

Deck Lighting

Deck lighting is a must for anyone who has a pool deck. If you’re up for a project, consider installing recessed spotlights into your deck. If that’s more than you want to tackle, adding lanterns and overhead lighting might be a better option. In addition to making your pool better lit and your deck more inviting, it also makes these spaces safer. The last thing you want is for a guest to trip in the dark and get hurt.

Water Feature Lighting

Do you have water features like waterfalls, fountains, pool sconces, or pool jets in or around your pool? Show them off with some strategically placed water feature lighting. Lights behind waterfalls add a mysticism that can attract the attention of your guests in the best way. You can make the most of these favorite pool features at any time, day or night, just by adding some lighting above or behind them. Use color-changing lights for an added level of fun

There are so many fun ways you can light up your pool and the surrounding area to create an inviting, fun atmosphere for a summer pool party. A word of caution: avoid stringing lights over the pool. It looks cool, but it’s not necessarily a safe option. Strings of lights coming loose and falling into the pool could cause serious injury. Stick with lighting options that don’t involve hanging wires with electricity flowing through them over a pool of water for a fun, safe, well-lit pool party.

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