Backyard deck with hot tub

Safety Must-Haves for Any Hot Tub

Hot tubs offer a plethora of benefits for those who spend time in them. The physical and mental benefits abound, so long as the hot tub is used properly. As with anything, safety must come first in order for good times to be had by all and for you to properly reap their benefits. So what should you have to make sure your hot tub is safe?

Balanced Chemicals

There’s not really a way to get around it – people can be kind of gross. Think about all the dirt, sweat, oils, hair, and dead skin you collect and shed throughout the day, not to mention some of them even less savory things. No one wants to be soaking in all that. Not only is it gross, but it’s not safe. Making sure your hot tub’s water is kept sanitary with a proper balance of chemicals is an absolute must. Check it at least 2-3 times per week to make sure that it’s safe to soak in.

Quality Cover

The stuff people give off isn’t the only source of hot tub contaminants. The very surroundings can be bad enough on their own. Sticks, leaves, and dirt can be unpleasant to soak with, not to mention the potential damage they can do to your hot tub over time. Because of this, it’s important to invest in a quality cover for your hot tub that you can use to keep it in good condition when it’s not being used. It’s also a matter of safety. Covers can help keep little ones out when they aren’t supposed to be in the tub, which reduces the risk of them drowning.

Non-Slip Surfaces

Slips and falls are dangerous under the best of circumstances. Add water into the mix, and it gets even worse. It’s better all around if the risk of slipping is reduced. Make sure you have non-slip surfaces around your hot tub, especially on any stairs. Boost the safety of the hot tub itself by making sure there is adequate traction on the surfaces of the tub itself.

Safety is a must if you want to fully enjoy your hot tub experience. While certainly not an exhaustive list, balanced chemicals, a quality cover, and non-slip surfaces are a good place to start. Make sure you and anyone else who uses your hot tub can have a safe experience by having the right equipment and tools on hand to take good care of your hot tub.

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