Beautiful woman swimming in pool

Great Exercises You Can Do in Your Swim Spa

Pretty much everyone knows that exercise and physical activity is good for your health. Unfortunately, some forms of exercise can be kind of rough on the body, especially the joints. There is good news though. Your swim spa can be the perfect place to get a killer workout in.


Swimming in a swim spa may be the most obvious exercise to do and for good reason. It’s in the name, for one thing. Beyond that, swimming is an excellent form of exercise. Swimming works the entire body from head to toe. The best part? It’s generally easy on the joints, which means it can be especially great for those with arthritis or who are recovering from an injury (with a doctor’s approval, of course).


Running doesn’t have to wreck your knees anymore. You can run in your swim spa. The water provides a buoyant force that helps support your weight. The spa can also provide a customizable amount of resistance for you to run against. This helps you work your muscles more thoroughly without increasing the strain you put your body through.

Core Exercises

Want to work your core? Head out to your swim spa. The combination of the strength of the current and the resistance you naturally get due to water being denser than air means that you can get a pretty decent core workout. Try using your arms to brace you on the side of the spa and then get to work with some of your favorite core exercises. As an added bonus, the flow of the water will help you work on your balance as well as your strength.

Resistance Training

Your core isn’t the only part of you that could benefit from some targeted work. In case you haven’t worked it out yet, water can be the perfect partner for resistance training, regardless of whether you’re working your upper body, lower body, or both. It provides gentle resistance for you to work against while avoiding the strain you might otherwise experience if you were doing a similar workout in the weight room. Need more resistance? Turn up the power of the current.

Everyone benefits from getting regular exercise. Some of us just need a little more support. Even if you aren’t someone who needs extra support, you can still benefit greatly from a swim spa workout. So jump on in (okay, not really, just walk-in) and get moving.

Ready to get started with a swim spa workout? You’ll need a swim spa first. Check out our Swim Spa Models today to see which one will work best for you.