Safety Features Every Pool Should Have

Swimming and relaxing in a pool can be exactly what you need to stay fit and healthy, both physically and mentally. That only works if the pool you’re swimming in is safe. Safety should always be the primary concern whenever a pool is involved. Fortunately, there are safety features that can make it safer to have a private pool.

A Fence

Pool fences are a must for any pool. They are designed to keep children and pets out of the pool when they aren’t being supervised. Having a pool fence significantly reduces the risk of pool-related injuries. There is no federal law governing pool fences–that is left up to the states. Cities and counties may have their own laws as well. Make sure you know the pool fence laws that apply to your area. If they aren’t all the same, your best bet is to make sure your pool fence meets the strictest set of standards.


Safety covers provide another barrier to unsupervised pool access. They also protect your pool from leaves and debris that would otherwise make their way into your pool. In this way, a safety cover provides multiple layers of protection. First, it reduces the risk of accidental drowning. Second, it keeps your pool water cleaner, which makes it safer to use. There are different options for safety covers, so look for one that will work well for your pool.

Safety Accessories

You should always have safety accessories easily accessible. Such accessories include things like a life ring, a safety hook, and safety signs. A life ring and safety hook can help a struggling swimmer get to safety. Safety signs can be helpful reminders of how to behave in a safe manner around a pool. Your pool should also have stair rails and safety ladders. These will make entering and exiting the pool easier for everyone. They also make your pool safer by reducing the risk of slipping and falling.

Every pool should be designed with safety in mind. Pools can be a ton of fun and using them is a great way to exercise. That said, they must also be respected. By treating pools with respect and a certain level of caution, in addition to having essential safety features, the risk of harm is significantly reduced.

Safety features aren’t the only features worth adding to your pool. Click here for Sonoma Backyard’s recommendations for features that offer a truly custom pool experience.