How to Accessorize Your Patio or Deck for Winter Use

Fall is well underway, with winter not too far behind. As such, it’s time to start thinking about getting your patio or deck ready for winter. Part of that involves making sure your patio or deck is prepared for the colder, wetter weather that comes with this time of year. Another part of it is making sure that you have the right accessories to continue using your patio or deck during the winter.

Winter-Worthy Furniture

Unless you want to spend all winter standing outside, you need patio furniture. More specifically, you need furniture that will hold up against winter weather. That means it should hold up to getting cold and wet. Patio furniture made from aluminum, stone, and teak tends to hold up to fall weather best. Other types of furniture do better if they are brought in when the weather turns.

Warmth and Shelter

Spending time outside means you run the risk of getting cold and wet. That is unless you take steps to provide yourself with sources of warmth and shelter on your deck or patio. Accessorizing with a fire pit is a great way to stay warm, no matter what the outside temperature is like (though it’s still a good idea to dress warmly. You can also add umbrellas to shelter you from the rain and the occasional snow you get in Sonoma county during the winter. Making sure you have a way to stay warm and dry on your deck or patio makes it much easier to enjoy your space during winter.


There can be something quite peaceful about sitting on your patio or deck in the dark, but it’s also nice to have the option to light things up if you want to. A fire pit can provide some light if you have one. Otherwise, accessorizing your deck or patio with outdoor lights that have a waterproof IP rating gives you a way to light your space so you can enjoy it at any time and in just about whatever weather is happening.

If you want to continue using your patio or deck during the winter, accessorizing it accordingly should be part of your winter preparations. Once you have yours ready for use, you can then turn your attention to decorating it to bring the holiday spirit to your home’s exterior. That will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space throughout the winter as you please.

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