Make It Easier to Keep Your Pool Clean

With summertime upon us and the weather warming up, pool season is well underway. There’s more to enjoying your pool than just splashing around in it whenever you feel like it, however. If you want to safely enjoy your pool, you need to make sure it’s kept clean. That may feel like quite the chore, but there are some things you can do to make it easier.

Have the Right Tools

It’s no secret that having the right tools can make any job easier. To effectively keep your pool clean, make sure you have a net skimmer, a pool brush, and a pool vacuum. If you need a scouring cleaner that won’t damage your tile or vinyl liner when brushing your pool, try a baking soda paste. Using these basic pool cleaning tools on a regular basis helps keep the surfaces of your pool clean and your pool water sparkling.

Set a Schedule

Having cleaning planned and scheduled dramatically increases the likelihood of it happening. Better still, it’s more likely to be done when it’s convenient for you instead of as last-minute party prep work. Skim, brush and vacuum your pool at least once a week. If you want to automate things a little, try an automatic pool cleaner. It can help make skimming and brushing easier (yes, you’ll still need to spend a little time on both).

Try Some Pool Cleaning Hacks

Pool cleaning hacks can save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to keeping your pool clean. Sunscreen, suntan lotion, and cosmetics can leave surface oils on your pool. Remove them from the water by tossing some tennis balls into the skimmer basket or directly into the pool. For an extra-fine filter that can help your skimmer catch more contaminates, try lining the skimmer baskets with pantyhose. You’ll know it’s time to replace the tennis balls and pantyhose when they begin to show signs of wear.

Keeping your pool clean and safe to swim in doesn’t have to be a massive ordeal. If you have the right tools for the job and follow a cleaning schedule, it shouldn’t be too difficult. You might even find that a few pool cleaning hacks make things that much easier. Remember, if it gets to be too much, you can always outsource your pool cleaning to the pros.

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