Helpful Tips to Prevent Your Patio Furniture from Fading

Patio furniture tends to look its very best right when you’re buying it. Its colors are fresh and clean, and the furniture is in good repair. Proper cleaning and maintenance are critical to helping it stay that way, especially when it comes to preventing the sun from causing the color to fade. So what are some things you should be doing?

Use the Shade

The simplest way to keep the sun from fading your patio furniture is to keep its ultraviolet rays from reaching your furniture in the first place. Keep things easy by using shady areas to keep the sun off. You can do this with strategically placed patio umbrellas, or by placing the furniture under a patio roof (if you have one). Even your home’s shadow can provide some shelter from the sun. The furniture will still receive some indirect sunlight, but that will fade patio furniture at a much slower rate.

Apply UV Protectant

It’s a pain to be constantly moving your patio furniture to keep it in the shade all day long, and sometimes you just want to enjoy some time in the sun. Or maybe your patio just doesn’t have that much shade. Either way, using a UV protectant product can help protect your patio furniture even if it’s in direct sunlight. It’s a bit like sunscreen for furniture. There are UV protectants for all sorts of furniture materials: vinyl, plastic, wood, fiberglass, and more. Read the directions carefully and reapply it to your furniture as directed for the best protection.

Keep It Clean

Would you be surprised to learn that keeping your patio furniture clean can help protect it from fading? Dust and dirt on your furniture can wear down the outermost surfaces and layers of paint on the furniture. This compromises its ability to protect itself from damage, including fading. Regularly cleaning your patio furniture can help keep debris from damaging it. Even simply spraying it down with a garden hose periodically can help. If you’re not sure what the best way to clean your patio furniture is, check the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you want to keep your patio furniture looking its best, you need to take action to protect it from the elements when you aren’t using it. This is especially the case if you do not wish for it to become faded by the sun. Make sure you know how to take good care of your patio furniture so it will stay in top condition and look amazing for as long as possible.

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