How to Make Your Pool Look Luxurious on a Budget

Everyone wants their backyard to look picture perfect—like a setup taken straight from a magazine—especially when guests come around. But is this even possible if you are on a budget? Here are three ways to jazz up your outdoor pool to make your yard look like a celebrity’s. 

Up Your Pool Maintenance Routine 

Nothing ruins the aesthetic of a pool more than dirt, leaves, floaties, and grime. You can have the most beautiful pool design and materials but, without consistent maintenance, there is no way that your pool will look nice. Therefore, one of the cheapest ways of making your pool look more luxurious is to up your maintenance routine. Invest in a good quality skimmer basket and vacuum. Use pool shock to keep your pool’s pH levels balanced and keep the bacteria out. Eliminate hard-water deposits on the sides of your pool with a stiff-bristled brush and a baking soda paste. And don’t forget to give your pool accessories and chairs a wipe down too. 

Add Gorgeous Plants 

Having the same cookie-cutter pool set-up that all the neighbors have is no way to make your pool look luxurious—it will only make it look mediocre. Spice up your pool with budget-friendly accessories that add personality and pizzazz. One great idea is to arrange beautiful plants in the spaces around your pool. Since plants can be pricey, you may be able to get a good deal at your local nursery, florist, or even yard maintenance company for plant rejects. Research what plants tend to grow best in your area’s weather conditions and purchase whatever is in season to save money. 

Invest in Some Luxurious Accessories

A pool without accessories is boring, not luxurious. Improve your pool’s ambiance by investing in some professional lighting or a couple of colorful, outdoor rugs. Remove clutter by creating a nook for people to put away pool toys, pool floats, or towels. Rather than bulky, childish pool floats, choose more high-quality floats and toys that boost the aesthetic of your pool rather than retract from it. Some of these accessories may include inflatable drink holders or resort-quality, floating loungers. 


Make this summer and future summers more luxurious by upping your pool maintenance routine, refraining from mediocrity, and investing in high-quality. While life may bring you down, enjoying your luxurious outdoor pool can help you escape the stress: For a moment, you will close your eyes on your floating lounger and feel like you’re at a luxury retreat in Bora Bora. Doesn’t that sound nice? 


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