3 Ways to Make Your Backyard a Hub for Teenagers

Raising teenagers can be challenging, but it can also be fun and very rewarding. Many parents desire to create a space in their home for their teenage kids to feel comfortable bringing their friends or significant other over. In doing so, parents are able to get to know their children’s peers and influence them in a positive way. Here are three ways to make your backyard a space where your teenagers can have wholesome fun! 

Add Outdoor Games

When not sleeping or studying, teenagers often have lots of energy and a major interest in social activities. And what better way is there to supply them with social fun than outdoor games and sports equipment? Not only will these outdoor activities attract your teens’ friends to your home, but they will also encourage your kids to spend time outdoors and enjoy all the many health benefits of exercise and fresh air. Outdoor games that any teenager, no matter their level of athleticism, can enjoy include cornhole, lawn twister, or bocce ball. For more athletic teens, consider getting a volleyball net, badminton set, or ping pong table, or installing a basketball hoop on your driveway. 

Incorporate Places to Chat—and Eat! 

When they are too tired for games, teenagers love to just chat, laugh, and, most of all, eat! Make your backyard the teenage hub by supplying them with plenty of outdoor seating, shade, and food. An outdoor kitchenette, fire pit, or grill is perfect for teens who may want to plan a barbeque with friends, make s’mores over a fire, or roast a pizza on the grill. Keep plenty of soft drinks available in a mini fridge and snacks available in the pantry. 

Give Them a Soak in the Spa

Nothing attracts teenagers more than a bubbly, cozy hot tub. Getting a large hot tub for your teen and his or her friends to enjoy will ensure that your backyard will be the teen “safe space” during all seasons. Just make sure that you set strict rules so that your teens know what is and isn’t appropriate to do in the hot tub. 


When designing their backyard, many parents spend more time thinking about their younger children or even other adults before their teenage kids. In reality, creating a safe space within your home for teenagers to enjoy can make parenting your teens a breeze. Just don’t forget that even teenagers need consistent parent supervision. 


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