How to Balance Your Hot Tub Water

Having a hot tub is fantastic. Using it regularly offers multiple benefits and is a perfect place to soak after a long, hard day or socialize with friends. At least, it is when your water is balanced properly. Hot tub water should be balanced every week to ensure that it’s safe. Do you know how to balance your hot tub water?

Check Total Alkalinity

To balance your water, start by checking the water’s total alkalinity (TA). That will make it much easier to balance the pH in the next step. You’re looking for total alkalinity between 80-120 ppm (parts per million). Add TA Increaser or TA Up if your total alkalinity is low and pH Decreaser or pH Down if it’s too high. Add the chemicals in small increments, carefully following all the directions. Wait 6 hours before adding any more to ensure the chemicals have had time to work. Once total alkalinity is within 80-120 ppm, you can proceed to balance pH.

Balance pH

pH should be between 7.2-7.8. The correct pH keeps the water clear, clean, and safe. It won’t irritate the skin or attack the hot tub surfaces. If the water’s pH isn’t in the acceptable range, add the appropriate chemicals to balance the pH, carefully following the instructions (remember to add small amounts and give them plenty of time to work). Use a pH Decreaser or pH Down if the pH is too high and a pH Increaser or pH Up if it’s too low. Once the pH is between 7.2-7.8, you can move on to testing the water hardness.

Test the Water Hardness

Water hardness should measure between 150-250 ppm. This makes sure the water’s calcium levels are within the right range to prevent hot tub surface corrosion. Add Calcium Increaser to the water if the water hardness is below 150 ppm, again taking care to follow the directions and allow the chemicals time to work.

Ensuring the TA, pH, and water hardness levels are all within acceptable ranges each week keeps your hot tub water safe to soak in. That allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a good soak in your hot tub, from relaxing tense muscles and the pain and stress relief that comes with that relaxation to improved sleep and better cardiovascular health. With all the benefits you get from your hot tub, it’s clear that the effort of balancing the water is well worth it.

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