Hot Tub Workout

Aren’t we used to the idea that the things that are good for us are no fun—or maybe even downright unpleasant? How great is it, then, that regular spa use has been shown to provide numerous hot tub health benefits, including assisting in weight loss! Did you know you can also use your hot tub during a workout to improve muscle growth, speed up recovery, and reduce joint pain? Check out these head-to-toe hot tub exercises you can do at home for a fun and effective workout.


To prevent injury, it’s a good practice to warm up your muscles and stretch thoroughly before diving into a workout. One benefit of working out in a hot tub is that your muscles will warm up more easily, allowing for a deeper and more effective stretch. Performing warm-ups and stretching while in a hot tub is a great way to improve flexibility. You can do this even if the rest of your workout takes place outside of the hot tub, or you can stay in the spa and try the exercises below.


There are several hot tub exercises you can do to strengthen your arms using the resistance from the water. Start by sitting in the hot tub with your body submerged to just above your shoulders. With your arms down by your sides, cup your hands and pull them upward through the water, bending at the elbow, until your hands reach your chest. Turn your hands so your palms face down and push them back down to your sides. This works your bicep and tricep muscle groups.


Straighten your arms and put them directly out in front of you with the palms facing toward each other and the thumbs pointing up. Bring your palms together until they touch, like a bizarre twist on clapping. Keep your shoulders relaxed and repeat several times.


Abdominal hot tub exercises can be a lot of fun when you have the water surrounding you to help you with balance. Don’t be fooled, though—you will still have to put in some work!

Sit forward on the seat, lift your arms and legs, and pull them in toward your body. Lean back slightly and cross your arms over your chest. Rock forward and backward, using your abdominal muscles to keep you balanced. For an added challenge, alternate turning your torso to either side and touching the seat next to you with the opposite hand. Remember to keep your feet off the ground!

Upper Legs & Glutes

If you love squats, then you’re in luck! Everyone else should keep reading anyway. Your hot tub workout can easily include your favorite thigh and glute sculptor. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and arms extended in front of you. Focus on a point ahead of you at eye level to help with balance. Squat down until the backs of your thighs are parallel to the bottom of the hot tub, making sure your knees are above your toes, rather than in front of them.


Calf raises can also be performed in your spa at home. Simply stand up and focus on a point in front of you. Slowly raise your body until your weight is in your toes and hold. Lower slowly and repeat.

Hot Tub Workout Safety Tips

Remember that a hot tub workout is different than other workouts because your body temperature is being raised by the hot water. Make sure you stay hydrated and get out immediately if you begin to feel dizzy or experience any other unusual symptoms. Follow this guide from Bullfrog Spas to estimate how long it is safe to stay in the hot tub.