Best Materials You Should Consider for Your Outdoor Furniture

Choosing furniture of any kind, no matter where it’s going to be placed, can be an arduous process. You want to balance aesthetics as well as functionality to ensure your furniture meets your needs.

However, outdoor furniture has an additional consideration you need to take into account: the weather. You’re going to want your furniture to be durable in addition to looking great so you can enjoy it longer.

Here are some of the best materials for outdoor furniture that you should look for.

Hardwood Outdoor Furniture

People have been using wooden furniture for centuries, and it’s easy to see why. Hardwood is a renewable resource that can be durable, affordable, and relatively easy to shape into aesthetic designs.

When choosing hardwood, you should look for a material that is both highly dense and has a naturally high oil content, such as teak. Mahogany and eucalyptus can also be great choices.

Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Metal is known for its strength and its ability to be welded into a variety of shapes. Perhaps the best metal material for outdoor furniture is aluminum.

Aluminum is a particularly lightweight metal that still possesses plenty of durability, making it a perfect choice for stackable furniture such as chairs. In addition, aluminum stays cool even in direct sunlight, which is a great quality to have in the summertime.

For examples of the best patio furniture made from aluminum, browse our collection of aluminum furniture.

All-Weather Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Crafted from plastics and other synthetic fibers, all-weather wicker grants a timeless look to your furniture and ensures they’ll last much longer than wicker furniture made from natural materials. This kind of outdoor furniture can endure all kinds of weather, just as the name implies.

All-weather wicker is also easy to clean as you can simply hose it down and leave it looking as good as new.

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