Hot Tub Service

What to Expect During a Hot Tub Service Appointment

You love using your hot tub. That’s why you got it, after all. A soothing soak in your hot tub at the end of a long day or when you need a pick-me-up can be exactly what you need. That only works if your hot tub is working though. A hot tub should be professionally serviced regularly to keep it working properly. Do you know what to expect during a hot tub service appointment?

External Checks

The hot tub’s external surfaces will be checked first. Water doesn’t always stay contained in the hot tub, so the service professional will look for external water damage, such as algae growth. They’ll also look for cracks, leaks, or tears on the exterior surfaces. If this sort of damage is caught early on, it’s often simple enough to repair quickly. The valves, wiring, and electrical components behind the side panels will be inspected too.

Internal Checks

Your hot tub’s internal components should be checked as well. The water should be treated to dissolve any buildup or other blockages. The hot tub can then be flushed out and drained. That makes it easy to inspect and fully clean the interior. The jets and heating system will also be inspected and tested to make sure they’re working properly. After all, what is a hot tub without hot water and jets?

Water Treatment

For your hot tub to be safe to use, the water must be carefully balanced and sanitized. The water will be tested as a part of your professional hot tub service to ensure it is safe to soak in. 

A quality hot tub doesn’t come cheap. You spent a lot of money getting your perfect hot tub set up. It only makes sense to take steps to help it last. Have your hot tub regularly serviced by hot tub service professionals. This is one of the best ways to catch problems before they get too big to fix and to keep your hot tub in good condition long-term.

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