What to Do to Prepare Your Pool for Summer

Spring is well underway, with summer fast approaching on its heels. You know what that means: it’s time to start getting your pool ready. Getting your pool prepared for summer is just as important as the process you go through to prepare it for the winter season. Without proper preparation, your pool isn’t safe to swim in, making it impossible to enjoy it properly. So what should you do to prepare your pool for the summer?

Don’t Empty It

You might think that the best way to get started cleaning your pool is to empty all the dirty water that’s been sitting in it all winter long and refill it with fresh, clean water. That could be a costly mistake, however. All that water is helping keep your pool in the ground where it belongs. If you live in an area with a high water table, emptying the water from your pool could allow the pool to lift out of the ground. If that happens, you may have to replace the entire pool altogether. Leave the water in the pool and clean it instead.

Clean the Water

To clean the water, start by getting your filtration system put together. Clean out any baskets you have and remove any plugs you may have placed while winterizing your pool. Take a pool net and scoop out as much debris as you can. Test the water and balance it. Add a stain and scale chemical, followed by a clarifier to prevent staining and make it easier for your filter to remove smaller particles. Filter the pool around the clock for a few days, cleaning the filters and emptying the pump and skimmer baskets as needed. Test the water again, making sure everything is properly balanced before shocking the pool. Follow that up with an algaecide to prevent future algae growth.

Get It Tested

Once you think you’ve got the water all clean, it’s time to jump in, right? Hold on. In order to make sure your pool is 100% safe and ready to use, it’s best to get it professionally tested. That way you’ll know for sure that the water is safe and that the chemicals are properly balanced. If any adjustments need to be made, you’ll know that too.

Before you put a single toe into your pool this summer, it’s important to take the necessary steps to get it ready. Properly preparing your pool for use will ensure that it is safe for you to spend time in. Just make sure to plan ahead: it could take some time, depending on its condition and how clean or dirty it is. Take a good look at your pool and put a plan in place so you can have it ready when you want to start using it.

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