The Top 10 Must-Haves for the Perfect Patio

If your home has a large patio attached to it, you might be seeking ways to make it more conducive to entertaining friends and holding quality family gatherings. Elements can be added to increase the comfort, visual appeal, and usefulness of this outdoor area. These elements can include the following suggested additions: 

Patio Cover

One of the most important additions to a patio is some sort of cover. It could be pergola style, shingled, or even made of galvanized steel. There are many different types and designs to select from. Choose the one that best fits your budget, the style of the residence and surrounding property, and your personal preference. This cover will allow your family and friends to enjoy themselves outdoors even during inclement weather. It will also add more living space to your home and a higher re-sale value to the property.

Dining Furniture

It used to be that families would just set out a picnic table for family and guests to dine at. Now outdoor furniture has become far more sophisticated. Dining tables that look almost as good as the ones in your home are readily available for your outdoor areas. Add new outdoor dishes, linens, and a centerpiece for a truly welcoming look.

Seating Area

Purchasing seating areas for your patio can be quite an adventure. There are so many styles of outdoor sofas, chairs, and tables to choose from. Your patio could end up looking twice as good as your living or family room. Choose furniture with cushions that do not fade and are moisture-proof. Add lamps and accessories that complement your decorating scheme.

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen consisting of a stove, refrigeration, an ice maker, a sink, and a wine cooler will be the ultimate in luxury. Add an extra-long counter for prep and to lay out the food items buffet-style. Everything could be prepared right on the spot for both planned and impromptu dining.


A well-stocked bar is a must for adult parties. Select one that comes with bar stools that can be arranged around it for intimate conversation and bonding. Add a small refrigerator, ice receptacle, and wine cooler for efficiency.


There’s nothing quite like a crackling fireplace on a damp, chilly day. The children can gather around and make s’mores or even hot dogs over the open flame. Adults can pull up their chairs and enjoy snacks and beverages in the warmth of the glowing fire.

Ceiling Fans

For warmer seasons and climates, ceiling fans can add coolness by circulating air on the patio. This will help everyone stay comfortable and cool while enjoying parties and gatherings. The ceiling fans can be adjusted as temperatures fluctuate.


If you live in a cooler climate or have cold seasons, installing or having portable heaters on hand will allow more activity on your patio. Friends and family will stay warm and toasty during a dinner or while everyone is at play. When the sun goes down and the temperature drops suddenly, the occupants of the patio do not have to relocate. With a flip of a switch or the ignition of a propane heater, festivities can continue as long as desired.


Select large plants to place on the patio for full impact and landscape the surrounding area with colorful flowers and foliage. Add potted plants on dining, coffee tables, and on either side of the fireplace for a truly welcoming look.


Effective lighting around your patio will increase the amount of time you can utilize the area. If you have h3 lights, family gathering and social events can go on long into the evening. Foods and beverages will be more visible and games and socialization opportunities will increase if everything is illuminated.

Adding one, two, or even all of these elements will create a space that your family can really utilize and enjoy. It will become the location for memories to be made and family life and friendships to be embraced. These additions can be made as your budget allows or as your family grows.

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