‘Tis the Season for Custom Outdoor Fire Pits

The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and the evenings are getting warmer and brighter. As spring warms into summer, California homeowners know the outdoor entertaining season is coming—a time for gathering with friends and family to catch up, make memories, and enjoy great food.

Part of creating an enjoyable entertaining atmosphere is choosing the right patio furniture and outdoor features to create a fun and luxurious backdrop for your summer nights, whether entertaining guests or spending time as a couple or family. Outdoor fire pits make the perfect centerpieces for a backyard oasis. Are you planning your outdoor entertaining space? These ideas will have you ready for a summer of relaxing and playing in your outdoor living room.

Comfortable Seating

Make your outdoor space a place to sit and stay awhile with comfortable seating. Err on the side of ultra plush—an uncomfortable seat will make your guests want to leave sooner, and may have you headed indoors quickly, too. And make sure there’s enough room for everyone. Provide enough seating for your family and a few friends. You might include wicker armchairs, padded benches, or large outdoor couches. Include outdoor throw pillows for extra comfort.

If you plan on hosting big groups of friends, create multiple gathering areas to encourage mingling and conversation in smaller circles. Table and chair sets are nice as well for serving full dinner, and afterward the group can move for drinks and dessert around the backyard outdoor fire pits.


Seating is only the beginning. Treat your outdoor patio like a living room—a comfortable space that also reflects your style and personality. Side tables are great functional and aesthetic additions, creating the living room feel and adding places to set food or drinks. Include potted plants for interest and ottomans for additional seating or for resting your feet when it’s just the family around.

A nice outdoor rug will add to the environment, and a removable source of shade, such as an umbrella, will be nice or daytime or early evening entertaining. Choose colors, styles, and patio accessories to create a great atmosphere and reflect your taste.

Custom Outdoor Fire Pits

No two backyards or homeowners are the same. Create the look you want by customizing the outdoor living room’s centerpiece: the fire pit. There are many options for custom outdoor fire pits, so you are sure to find a style and a design that fits your home and available space. You might choose an above ground or in-ground fire pit, one that is square or round, and made from a number of materials: porcelain, copper, aluminum, and more.

Are you ready to celebrate summer by creating the backyard of your dreams? Contact us today to learn more about custom outdoor fire pits and other patio furniture.