Spas and COVID-19: How to enjoy your spa during the coronavirus pandemic and keep your family safe

With the growing concerns over the coronavirus in California, you may be wondering which of your favorite activities you can still enjoy. You may also be spending work hours at home and dreaming of the perfect spa retreat in your backyard. The good news is, even during these times of restricted activity caused by COVID-19, spa purchases are still a possibility.


There is no evidence to suggest that coronavirus can be spread in a spa or pool. While it may not be wise to throw hot tub parties with your friends and family during social distancing, the spa itself is no more dangerous than other gathering locations. The key is to maintain proper care and sanitizing practices, in addition to washing hands and other recommended precautions before relaxing in the warm water.


The most important part of stopping the spread of germs is to frequently wash and sanitize, well, everything. This includes your spa. Fortunately, much of the regular care you undertake with a hot tub will do the trick. Regulate and keep up on the proper use of chemicals for keeping the water clean and wipe down the surfaces above water. If you do this, you shouldn’t have a problem with coronavirus and your spa.

If you know someone who has been in or near your spa and tested positive for coronavirus, you can always use this time for a thorough deep cleaning. This is not necessary, but it certainly won’t hurt. Your hot tub should be deep cleaned periodically anyway.


In addition to helping you relieve stress and the many other health benefits, the chemicals in your spa are designed to kill germs and bacteria. So spending time in the hot tub may even help you fight off illness.


Spa shopping will look a little different during the coronavirus pandemic, but it is still a possibility! Sonoma Backyard is open by appointment and the staff is happy to help you choose the perfect spa for your needs, maintaining six feet of distance, of course.

We also have plenty of items in stock, are operating entirely outdoors, and provide no-contact delivery services. Contact Sonoma Backyard for more information about purchasing your dream spa while following coronavirus protocol.