small backyard pool designs

Small Backyard Pool Design Ideas

If your home sits on a small or narrow lot, you may think your dreams of having a backyard pool are over. However, dozens of small pool design ideas can work with even the smallest of spaces. The trick is to work with the contours of your home, which ensures the pool doesn’t take away from the rest of the space. The five small backyard pool designs you’ll see below work well with the natural space in your yard, providing the perfect backyard retreat.

Outdoor Circle Pool

Circular pools take up little space, are low-maintenance, and are perfect for relaxing in after a long day. If you’re looking for a place to float or cool off in, circular pools are a great option. You can even include a small fountain as a focal point.

Double Decker Pool

Rather than taking up more of your small space by building out, build up. By stacking two pools atop each other like this home in San Francisco, you’ll have more space to swim. Add some gorgeous tile, and your backyard pool will look like it came straight out of a fancy hotel.

small backyard pool designsLong Backyard Pool

For more narrow homes, a long rectangular pool is a unique way to add a pool to your backyard without sacrificing yard space. If you’re a fan of hot tubs, you can include a small one at either end for even more enjoyment.


Half-Moon Design

This design is perfect for small homes or townhomes that need a little something extra in the backyard. The half-moon pool looks great next to patios or against a fence, allowing plenty of space for patio furniture or outdoor grills.

Small Square Pool

If your home has a good-sized patio space, consider putting in a small square pool. You can even put a cover over it when not in use to maximize the space.

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