Popular Outdoor Styling for Homes with Limited Backyard Space

Making good use of space inside or outside is not an easy task, yet it can ultimately be very rewarding if done properly. Some would argue it’s more difficult if the space is small—but the rewards can be greater, too. As it happens, you can use a few tricks and even some interior design hacks on your smaller backyard space to transform it. 

If you’re trying to style your new backyard space or revitalize your existing yard, you’ve come to the right place. From cozy nooks to colorful decoration, you’re sure to find an idea that sparks the creative designer inside of you. 

Small Backyard Styling Ideas

There is well and truly no end to the list of possibilities for creating a perfectly designed backyard with limited space. We offer a list below, but the ultimate result will undoubtedly be personalized to your taste and space as you make your mark on your smaller backyard. 

1. Create Comfort Outside

Consider creating a comfortable space in your backyard that mimics the kind of comfort you have inside your home. A dedicated seating area or ways to enjoy the space in less-than-ideal weather will help you truly enjoy your yard. No matter how small your backyard, this idea will make it feel like a natural extension of your house. 

2. Use Splashes of Color

Find a couple of areas where a large splash of color would look nice. Play around with colors and ideas—maybe it’s colorful pillows on chairs or maybe it’s an entire couch that is vividly colorful. Whatever the item(s), adding splashes of color to the area will give the entire space a unified feel. 

3. Make a Vertical Garden Wall

Nothing says “outside” like a garden. Don’t have the space for it? Go vertical. Create your very own vertical garden wall with various climbing plants. 

4. Place a Deck

You can really create the illusion of space with a deck. It doesn’t have to be huge or even very noticeable. You can even try making it and placing it yourself. It will act like a divider that separates portions of your backyard, no matter how small. This makes your yard look more organized and lets you give each portion its own look and feel.

5. Add Lights

Lights are always a fun addition to any space. Consider hanging them from the walls or fences in your backyard. They’ll double as a cute decoration during the day while they create a soothing and lovely ambiance at night. 

6. Divide Existing Space

Fences and plants can work wonderfully to create a divided space that gives your naturally smaller backyard more depth and intrigue. A simple wall creates privacy in certain areas, while sectioning off the rest for other purposes. 

7. Redo Old Furniture

Find some personal favorites among your old and well-used furniture and give them a bit of a makeover. Make sure to use finishes or upholstery that are designed for outdoor use. Then add your new pieces to your backyard. 

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