How to Revamp Your Yard with a Custom Swimming Pool

If you’ve got a smaller back yard, it’s no surprise if the last thing you’d think about doing to spice it up would be to add a custom swimming pool.

How would that work with the limited space you already have?

Well, the reality is that a customizable swimming pool might just be the thing your yard needs. And size won’t be an issue.

Small Backyard Swimming Pools

A pool encourages family fun and recreation, as well as relaxation and exercise. And your yard doesn’t have to be huge to accommodate one. Take a look at some of the ways you can change your yard with a custom swimming pool.

Adjustable Shapes

Pools can be built in just about any shape you can imagine. If your yard has limited space, work with the space available to make something new and exciting out of what you already have.

Narrow backyard? Design a narrow swimming pool for it. Don’t want to fill up your entire yard with a pool? Shrink down the traditional-sized, rectangular-shaped pool into a smaller sized pool that fits comfortably in the back corner of your yard. If your yard space is more organic in its shape—rather than rectangular or boxy—design a pool with curves and twists to complement it.

It’s All About the Landscaping

You’ll find that how you decorate around your pool will matter just as much as your pool itself does. Make use of your space by adding decks, tables and chairs, and plant life.

If you add tasteful landscaping and decor around your pool, it will feel as though it was always a part of your yard.

Don’t Hold Back on the Features

Small backyard swimming pools can have additional fun features, just like any other pool. Get pool covers, heaters, and lights. Add a diving board or fun waterfall feature. The size of a pool doesn’t prevent it from being fun and enjoyable.

Pools with Sonoma Backyard

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