protect your patio from mosquito

How to Protect Your Outdoor Living Space from Pesky Mosquitoes and Other Flying Insects

Mosquitos and other pests are an unfortunate part of many outdoor settings, especially in warmer weather. While summer provides prime weather conditions for barbecues and other backyard festivities, insects can dampen the mood and ruin the fun. 

Luckily, there are many ways you can rid your yard and other outdoor spaces of pesky insects. No one wants to host people for a backyard get-together only for their guests to be bugged out by mosquitos, wasps, and ants—among other things. Get your outdoor living space ready for your gatherings with these tips, tricks, and products to keep flying insects and other pests at bay. 

Keep Your Outdoor Space Clean

Make sure your grass and shrubs are cut to prevent mosquitoes from buzzing around your space. Long grass and overgrown shrubs can give mosquitos shelter, drawing them to your yard in droves. By keeping the space free of trash, crumbs, or any other remnants of food or drink, you’re removing attractants from your outdoor space. This will help keep flies, ants, and other insects away from you.

Change the Lighting

A simple change like swapping out your light bulbs outside from white lights to yellow bulbs can keep pests away. This type of light deters bugs rather than attracting them the way white light does. Sodium vapor lights are also an effective lighting option for keeping bugs away.

Use Citronella Products

Citronella is a scent that bugs are not fond of and like to avoid, making products with this scent effective at fighting mosquito issues in your outdoor living space. In addition to citronella scented oil for torches, there are scented candles that you can burn for a short-term solution to an outdoor bug problem. 

Plant a Garden

Certain flowers and herbs act as a natural repellent for insects, making them the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Not only will they add a beautiful visual element to your outdoor living space, but they’ll also help fight off unwanted pests. Herbs like basil, garlic, and rosemary deter insects; marigolds make a great floral addition to an insect-fighting garden.

Use a Deterrent Spray

While there are sprays made and branded as deterrent sprays for indoor and outdoor spaces, you can use a household mixture to rid your space of bug problems. Mint-flavored mouthwash helps repel mosquitos, as does a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. Simply spray your furniture and the perimeter of your patio and yard with either substance to create a bug-free zone.

Create Your Outdoor Oasis

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