How to Boost and Beautify Your Backyard

Close your eyes for a moment and picture your ideal backyard. What details of this vision stand out? Do you imagine plush seating, perfect entertainment features, and sparks of style and color? Now open your eyes and survey what your backyard looks like in reality.

How do your backyard vision and real backyard compare? If you’re like many homeowners, chances are high that there’s something missing. Fortunately, with just a couple easy steps, you can transform your backyard into a colorful, welcoming dream. Check out these how-to tips for simple ways to add color and flare to your backyard.

Incorporate flashy furniture

While having neutral seating might seem safe and smart, these areas are also focal points that have the capacity to hold color. Whether you opt for bright outdoor furniture or patterned upholstery, don’t hesitate to take color risks with outside furniture and sitting areas.

Make plants pop

Featuring color through foliage is a great way to boost up your backyard. Instead of relying solely on flowers for color though, consider planting foliage-forward plants like herbs and succulents in bright blue, red, purple, and orange pots.

Lay out radiant rugs

Start with color from the ground up by incorporating brightly patterned rugs on your deck or patio. By choosing rugs that play well off the color of your seating, you can greatly enhance the color pallet of your patio.

Let tile do the trick

Colorful tile is a classic, creative way to bring color to your backyard. Find tile that fits your style and compile it in a decorative design on a blank wall.

Imagine a mural

Similar to a tiled wall or tile design, you can also hire a professional painter to paint a breathtaking mural on a blank wall in your backyard. This is a great way not just to add a pop of color, but to also reflect your style and personality.

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