amazing backyard with pizza oven and fire pit

Come On, Baby, Light My Fire – Choosing a Fire Feature for Your Backyard

Backyards can be absolutely wonderful spaces, perfect for playing with children, entertaining guests, or just relaxing and soaking in the beauty of the world around you. Of course, some of those things are easier to do with the addition of a few specific features like fire features. Choosing a good one can be easier said than done though. So how do you go about choosing the perfect fire feature for your backyard?


To start, you need to decide where your upper limit is on what you’re willing to spend on a fire feature. It doesn’t do you much good to find a fire feature you absolutely love only to find out that it’s outside of your budget. Consider the income you have to spare on one, how much use you think you’ll get out of it, and then use that to decide how much you’re willing to pay for one. Use that to sort through and filter out fire features that won’t be a good fit for you.


Once you’ve figured out how much you’re willing to spend, the next thing to do is to figure out what size you need. If you have a small backyard and limited space, a huge fire feature isn’t a good idea. For yards with ample space, consider how many people might be gathered around it. You want to have enough room for everyone without things starting to feel cramped. If you tend to host large groups and have space for it, you might be better off with a larger fire feature, or even multiple features.


The last decision to make is the style of fire feature you want. For this, consider its purpose. Are you intending to use it for cooking? If so, make sure you get one that is specifically designed to accommodate that. Just looking for something warm? Any fire feature can tackle that task. Do you want a statement piece that’s sure to grab everyone’s attention? There are some great options for that as well.

Adding a fire feature to your backyard can be a great way to take it to the next level. When choosing the perfect fire feature for your backyard, consider how much you’re willing to spend, what size works well with the space you have, and the style you want. That should help you narrow down your search so finding an awesome fire feature that you’ll love getting use out of.

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