A Closer Look at the Relationship between Your Hot Tub and Your Skin

Soaking in a hot tub can be an awesome experience. There’s nothing quite like it for helping you relax and rejuvenate. Hot tubs can provide multiple benefits. One of those involves your skin. A nice hot tub soak can be great for your skin, provided you take the right approach to it. Just jumping in […]

How Do I Care for Wrought Iron Patio Furniture?

Patio furniture is a must for anyone who wants to enjoy all that their patio has to offer in comfort. There are a ton of different options out there to choose from, including wrought iron patio furniture. Wrought iron patio furniture has a unique appearance that can be very appealing. If you want it to […]

Tips for Making Your Yard the Perfect Romantic Getaway for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re looking for a way to treat your significant other to a romantic evening, your yard could be the perfect setting. It might take a little creativity and work on your part, but there are plenty of things you can do to turn your yard into the […]

Getting to Know the Different Woods in Wooden Patio Furniture

Did you think that all wooden patio furniture was pretty much the same? If so, it’s time to think again. There are multiple woods that are used to create wooden patio furniture. The type of wood impacts everything from the appearance of the wood when you buy it, the way it looks later on down […]

How to Maintain Wooden Patio Furniture

If you’ve been a homeowner for a while, you probably already know how important maintenance can be to keeping things in good condition. That principle extends beyond your home to your patio furniture too. If you have wooden patio furniture, do you know how to maintain it so it stays nice for years? Cover It […]

How to Protect Your Wooden Outdoor Furniture from Pests

Quality outdoor furniture is part of what can make it so wonderfully comfortable to spend time outside. Wooden furniture in particular can be the perfect addition to a beautiful, nature-focused yard (or any other sort, really). The thing about wooden outdoor furniture, though, is that we humans aren’t the only ones who like to enjoy […]

Ways to Bring Your Backyard Up from Blah to Brilliant

Owning your own property can bring a huge sense of pride and accomplishment. Do you feel the same about the individual components though? Take your backyard as an example. It’s pretty easy for backyards to be pretty blah and boring, but they don’t have to be that way. In fact, they can be positively brilliant. […]

Cater to Your Senses This Winter with the Ultimate Hot Tub Relaxation Experience

It’s been a rough year. Okay, let’s be honest, it’s been more like a rough two years at least, and there doesn’t really seem to be much of a light at the end of the tunnel yet. Don’t make the mistake of telling yourself you’ll relax at some point in the future. Take advantage of […]

Tips for Turning Your Patio into a Holiday Hotspot

The holiday season is well underway at this point. If you’re planning any holiday gatherings, you’re going to want to make sure you have some great spaces for your guests to enjoy themselves in comfort. Sure, traditional holiday gatherings often take place indoors, but it’s not too difficult to turn your patio into a great […]

Upholstery Options for Outdoor Furniture Worth Considering

Putting your outdoor furniture to use is a tactile experience. Sure, you look at the furniture for a bit, but what keeps you on it is how it feels. The upholstery on the furniture has a pretty important role to play in how comfortable it is and how well it’s able to hold up to […]