14 Ways to Make Your Backyard Awesome For Summer

With the weather warming up, it’s time to start planning and make your backyard awesome this summer. We picked out some of the best patio accessories to update your backyard:

You can add a personal touch to your backyard by painting the stones in your garden.


Or make a cute marble globe.

(Credit: jenniferppriest.com)

Don’t be afraid to add some water features to freshen up your yard regardless of yard size.

(Credit: flickr)

(Credit: woohome.com)

Don’t have a pool? Make a waterbed!

(Credit: playathomemomllc.com)

Get a fire pit!


Hang a couple of planters as a privacy screen.

(Credit: thehorticult.com)

Consider putting an outdoor rug to add some colorful elements to your yard.

(Credit: bhg.com)

Set up an outdoor movie theater for a comfortable evening.

(Credit: running-w-scissors.com)

Start a backyard garden.

(Credit: artandappetite.com)

Cozy gathering place with wicker outdoor sofas and sectionals.


Make a Vertical Succulent Garden.

(Credit: gardenoholic.com)

This sand backyard fire pit area takes you closer to the beach!

(Credit: bhg.com)

This vertical garden doubles as a cute privacy screen.

(Credit: manmadediy.com)

Create a paradise by adding a hot tub to your yard.

(Credit: Clemens Jellema)

This list should give you some ideas on next project. If you need help designing your dream backyard, contact our team members for a free in-home consultation!

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