3 Fun Fall Activities That Go Perfectly with Fire Pits

Now that fall has officially arrived and the average temperatures have started to drop, it’s time to start spending time on all those fun fall activities that you’ve been waiting for since last year. Cooler temperatures means that it’s the perfect time to get out and enjoy the crisp fall air. Better still, a lot […]

Sonoma Backyard Custom Pool

It’s Getting Hot Out Here – Great Ways to Add Shade to Your Backyard

Backyards can be absolutely fantastic. They offer you a chance to have a spot of nature to call your own, whether you want to work, play, or just relax. There are few other places in the world that you can customize to suit your tastes in the same way. The sun’s rays can really heat […]

3 Ways That Hot Tubs Can Transform Your Life

Almost everyone is always concerned about their wellness, whether physical, emotional, social, mental, or even spiritual. But what can hot tubs do to improve your life? In reality, there are many benefits to using a hot tub. Here are just a few of these benefits: Better Sleep Have you been struggling with bouts of insomnia? […]

3 Ways to Make Your Backyard a Hub for Teenagers

Raising teenagers can be challenging, but it can also be fun and very rewarding. Many parents desire to create a space in their home for their teenage kids to feel comfortable bringing their friends or significant other over. In doing so, parents are able to get to know their children’s peers and influence them in […]

How to Make Your Pool Look Luxurious on a Budget

Everyone wants their backyard to look picture perfect—like a setup taken straight from a magazine—especially when guests come around. But is this even possible if you are on a budget? Here are three ways to jazz up your outdoor pool to make your yard look like a celebrity’s.  Up Your Pool Maintenance Routine  Nothing ruins […]

Backyard deck with hot tub

Safety Must-Haves for Any Hot Tub

Hot tubs offer a plethora of benefits for those who spend time in them. The physical and mental benefits abound, so long as the hot tub is used properly. As with anything, safety must come first in order for good times to be had by all and for you to properly reap their benefits. So […]

Beautiful woman swimming in pool

Great Exercises You Can Do in Your Swim Spa

Pretty much everyone knows that exercise and physical activity is good for your health. Unfortunately, some forms of exercise can be kind of rough on the body, especially the joints. There is good news though. Your swim spa can be the perfect place to get a killer workout in. Swimming Swimming in a swim spa […]

amazing backyard with pizza oven and fire pit

Come On, Baby, Light My Fire – Choosing a Fire Feature for Your Backyard

Backyards can be absolutely wonderful spaces, perfect for playing with children, entertaining guests, or just relaxing and soaking in the beauty of the world around you. Of course, some of those things are easier to do with the addition of a few specific features like fire features. Choosing a good one can be easier said […]

Youtube outdoor channels

Top 5 Outdoor Living YouTube Channels to Watch Now

In certain fields, the sky’s the limit when it comes to how we can create and design things. Outdoor landscaping, in particular, is such a field. But that doesn’t mean we won’t come across moments of doubt or even lack of ideas. In times when you’re drawing a blank for how to design your backyard, […]

protect your patio from mosquito

How to Protect Your Outdoor Living Space from Pesky Mosquitoes and Other Flying Insects

Mosquitos and other pests are an unfortunate part of many outdoor settings, especially in warmer weather. While summer provides prime weather conditions for barbecues and other backyard festivities, insects can dampen the mood and ruin the fun.  Luckily, there are many ways you can rid your yard and other outdoor spaces of pesky insects. No […]